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As a completely beginner for programming looking for the resources to learn web programming sometimes can be a challenge. There are too much resources out there, don’t know where to start and which resources are good and bad? We all came across this, a great resource will help you save a ton of time on learning to program. Web programming is keep updating, the syntax and best practices may vary after a few years later. But, as a novice we don’t know what’s the best website to learn and which content is great and which doesn’t…

I’m completely understand this, so I’d like to list out a few great resources.


W3Schools is completely free of cost to learn programming, they teach code in simplest way. You learned what you have learned and implement straight with their built-in compiler

MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs more likely like reading a book. It’s free, and the tutorial is completely up to date! I highly recommend this resource if you want to learn the web development in depth!

Online Course

Udacity Intro to HTML and CSS

This course is great starter course for HTML and CSS. If have no idea what is programming, I’d recommend you enroll on what is programming course first before starting HTML and CSS!

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