American Samoa Info

If you are planning your trip to American Samoa, you have probably read too much about it. You have read about the beautiful beaches and the tropical climate. about the history of the islands, and the culture of the people. you have heard about the food and the clothes and the customs of the local people. And you have probably been told the same thing over and over again: that American Samoa is the most beautiful island in the world .

🌍 Continent Oceania
🏰 Capital Pago Pago
💵 Currency USD
😊 Population 46,366 People
📏 Area 199 km²
📞 Calling Code +1
🌐 Internet Domain
🛌 Best Accommodation Finder Agoda
🛡️ Best Travel Insurance SafetyWing
☕️ Best Coffee Ever Buy Me a Coffee

American Samoa Map